Mobile Bidding, Optimized for Any Device: ReadySetAuction Live™ Sneak Peek #2

Posted by Amanda Foran on June 4, 2012

In our last post, we introduced you to ReadySetAuction Live™ — our soon-to-launch mobile bidding platform for charity auctions. With Live, your auction guests place bids electronically from their own smartphones and tablets, using your venue’s existing Wi-Fi or cellular network coverage. By replacing traditional bid sheets with electronic bidding […]

Introducing ReadySetAuction Live™: On-Location Mobile Bidding During Your Live and Silent Auction Events

Posted by Amanda Foran on May 20, 2012

I have the exciting privilege of finally talking publicly about a new product we’ve been busily building here in the Arsetta development lab. This new product, which we have officially dubbed ReadySetAuction Live™, is the result of a long process of research, development and listening to you, our customers, tell […]

Silent Auction Strategy #5: Silent Auction Basket Ideas

Posted by Amanda Foran on April 13, 2012

As you cast your procurement net, it’s likely that you’ll receive donations that won’t stand on their own or fetch their full value at your auction. In these cases, consider combining them with other items into packages, or baskets. Below you’ll find a list of silent auction basket ideas that […]

10 Popular Items to Feature in an Online Auction

Posted by Amanda Foran on March 4, 2012

Here is a list of tried and true items that perform well in an online auction. Tickets to sporting events, the theater, and symphony. The latest and most popular electronics, like an iPad, Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Specialty food items like a box of hand-dipped chocolates, home-baked cookies […]

Heads or Tails? People are Flipping for this Raffle

Posted by Amanda Foran on November 14, 2011

Raffles present an additional opportunity for your organization to raise money during your silent and live event auction. There are many types of raffles, one of which is the 50-50 raffle. In a 50-50 raffle, the winner is awarded 50% of ‘the pot,’ that is the money that was raised […]

Silent Auction Strategy #4: 10 Elements of an Effective Bid Sheet

Posted by Amanda Foran on October 27, 2011

In the previous posts of this series, I’ve covered naming your silent auction sections, staggering their closing times, and choosing the right number of items for your benefit auction. In this installment, I’m moving from abstract organizational matters to something more tangible: silent auction bid sheets. We’re often asked “What […]

5 Quick Tips for Making Your Procurement Efforts More Effective

Posted by Amanda Foran on August 16, 2011

A benefit auction is one of the most valuable fundraising tools available, not just because it provides a way to raise a lot of money in a short period of time, but also because it is the ideal vehicle for making personal and lasting connections with your supporters. All too […]

Silent Auction Strategy #3: Don’t Overwhelm Your Guests with Too Many Silent Auction Items

Posted by Amanda Foran on August 1, 2011

As the ice cream truck trundled by my office window for the second time today blaring “The Entertainer” in hopes of attracting the young and young at heart, it struck me that the summer of 2011 is just about half over. Fall auction season is, once again, right around the […]

10 Reasons Summer is a Good Time for an Online Auction Fundraiser

Posted by Amanda Foran on June 22, 2011

Because summer is a time when many people travel for vacation, it’s not always the best time to hold a silent or live auction fundraising event. For that reason, many of our clients use the summer months to begin preparing for their fall auctions. But have you considered conducting a […]

Silent Auction Strategy #2: Stagger the Closing Times of your Silent Auction Sections

Posted by Amanda Foran on May 31, 2011

Your goal as an auction coordinator is to maximize your silent auction proceeds. In order to do this, you need to make it as easy as possible for each bidder to bid as high as she’s willing to go for each silent auction item. With this in mind, one of […]

Silent Auction Strategy #1: Naming your Silent Auction Sections

Posted by Amanda Foran on May 19, 2011

At almost every fundraiser event auction, you’ll find two components: a silent auction and a live auction. Many events also include raffles, dinner, dancing, games, and more. In a series of blog entries over the next few months, I’ll be addressing various strategies for making the most money from your […]

Sell Fixed-Price Items Online with ReadySetAuction

Posted by Amanda Foran on May 10, 2011

Over the weekend, we rolled out a new version of ReadySetAuction. The new release brings a much-requested feature to our Premier service: the ability to sell single items, or sets of the same item, at a fixed per-item price through your auction website. Examples of such single and multi-sale fixed-price […]

Strategies for Pre-Event Online Bidding

Posted by Amanda Foran on April 14, 2011

When using ReadySetAuction to conduct an online auction prior to your silent/live event auction, you can choose whether each item in your online catalog is for: view only pre-bidding for event auction pre-bidding with absentee bidding during event auction online-only bidding Our customers often ask us what types of items […]

New Features: QuickPackage, Enhanced PayPal Integration, Improved Prospect Tracking & Reporting

Posted by Amanda Foran on March 25, 2011

Our latest ReadySetAuction updates bring a handful of new features: a faster and easier process for turning donations into auction items, simplified online payment for your auction winners, and better tracking and reporting on donors and prospective donors. QuickPackage for Faster, Smoother Auction Package Creation The new QuickPackage feature makes […]

ReadySetAuction Adds Social Networking Features

Posted by Amanda Foran on December 20, 2010

Last week, we launched a new release of ReadySetAuction that adds social networking features to help our users promote their online auctions. Social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter have made it easy for people to quickly share information with their friends and family — things like photos, favorite websites, […]