10 Reasons Summer is a Good Time for an Online Auction Fundraiser

Posted by Amanda Foran on June 22, 2011

Because summer is a time when many people travel for vacation, it’s not always the best time to hold a silent or live auction fundraising event. For that reason, many of our clients use the summer months to begin preparing for their fall auctions. But have you considered conducting a stand-alone online auction this summer? Read on to find out why an online auction during the summer can be very successful.

  1. An online auction is easy to put together and conduct. In fact, you could do it yourself.
  2. During the summer, fewer people approach businesses for donations, so it will be easier for you to procure items for your online auction.
  3. Along the same lines, there’s less fundraising competition from other organizations, so it’s easier to get attention and participation from your supporters.
  4. With online auctions, people can bid — and therefore support your cause — from just about anywhere: the comfort of their own homes and offices, the beach, a favorite coffee shop or even when away on a vacation.
  5. If you’re already holding a non-auction fundraising event — like a golf scramble, craft faire, bake sale, or bike ride — consider conducting an online auction prior to it. The online auction will serve not only as an additional source of funds, but it will also be a good channel for promoting your primary event.
  6. Tax refunds have arrived, so many of your constituents may feel they have a little extra money to spend.
  7. Businesses that depend on summer revenue — like amusement parks, boat excursions, and zoos — will gladly donate in order to gain some timely positive publicity and drive more business their way.
  8. Summer days are longer and oftentimes less over-scheduled, so people tend to stay up later. This gives them more time to peruse your online catalog and bid.
  9. Hold a Back to School online auction in August that features back-to-school items — like calculators, computers and gift certificates to office supply stores. You can even use your auction site to sell school t-shirts, sweatshirts and other logo merchandise.
  10. Online auctions are fun!

What’s been your experience with summer fundraisers? Please post your comments below or on our Facebook page.

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