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Is Mobile Bidding A Good Fit For Your Silent Auction?

Posted by Amanda Foran on July 15, 2013

One of the newest trends at charity auctions is mobile bidding — using smartphones, tablets, laptops, or other mobile devices to browse the catalog and make bids, purchases, and donations. Mobile bidding can add excitement, quicken the pace, and raise the profitability of a silent auction. But is mobile bidding […]

Bring the 20’s Back to Life with a Gatsby-Themed Auction Party

Posted by Amanda Foran on July 1, 2013

Welcome back to Theme Corner, a blog series full of fun ideas for auction themes! Giving your auction a theme can turn a conventional event into an exciting affair — think African Safari! Cabaret! Mysterious Masquerade! But finding the perfect theme can be difficult. If you are aiming to delight […]