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Navigating ReadySetAuction: Charting a Course for a Successful Event

Posted by Amanda Foran on October 29, 2018

From start to finish, ReadySetAuction is the tool you need to help you execute a flawless, unforgettable event. Whether you’re a first-time user or you need a little refresher on the new features and improvements we continue to add with each release, we have the ReadySetAuction help tools you need […]

ReadySetAuction Brings Big Changes for the Fall Event Season

Posted by Amanda Foran on August 21, 2018 The ReadySetAuction team has cooked up some really great improvements in 2018, and with the fall events season around the corner, we think our auction software will help make your next event one that that brings great success with less stress. Many of the improvements to ReadySetAuction over the past […]

Increase Auction Revenue with ReadySetAuction 3.5’s New Features

Posted by Amanda Foran on September 1, 2017

It’s ReadySetAuction’s first release since its purchase by SofterWare, Inc. and big things are happening. Our team has been working hard to bring you improvements and features you told us were the most important. Running your auction event will be easier than ever with the new expanded eCatalog window, unlimited […]

Planning & Budgeting Your Charity Auction

Posted by Amanda Foran on November 16, 2015

In This Guide You’ll Learn… What kinds of auctions can I hold? What a silent auction is and how it’s different from other auction types like live, online, and mobile/electronic bidding auctions. How much does it cost? Venue, food, decorations, entertainment… the costs of an auction event can add up […]

Help Us Help You: How to Write a Good Support Request

Posted by Amanda Foran on October 16, 2015

The goal of any software is be so easy to use that no one ever needs to ask a question. So, in addition to striving to make ReadySetAuction intuitive and user-friendly, we’ve also… put help icons on every page of the Control Center that you can click for tips set […]

What Makes ReadySetAuction Stand Above The Competition?

Posted by Amanda Foran on March 26, 2015

We’re often asked what sets ReadySetAuction apart from the competition. Here are ten of the many things that make us different. Privacy Matters Your supporters are private to your organization. They belong exclusively to you. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not sell your donor and bidder lists to […]

Silent Auction Strategy #5: Silent Auction Basket Ideas

Posted by Amanda Foran on April 13, 2012

As you cast your procurement net, it’s likely that you’ll receive donations that won’t stand on their own or fetch their full value at your auction. In these cases, consider combining them with other items into packages, or baskets. Below you’ll find a list of silent auction basket ideas that […]

Increase Auction Proceeds with a Paddle Call

Posted by Amanda Foran on November 7, 2010

I’m surprised by how often I speak with clients who have never heard of a Paddle Call. A Paddle Call – also known by names such as Fund-A-Need, Flurry, Special Appeal and others – is a highly effective tool for raising a lot of money for your cause in a […]