ReadySetAuction Brings Big Changes for the Fall Event Season

Posted by Amanda Foran on August 21, 2018

The ReadySetAuction team has cooked up some really great improvements in 2018, and with the fall events season around the corner, we think our auction software will help make your next event one that that brings great success with less stress. Many of the improvements to ReadySetAuction over the past year came from suggestions made by our clients in UserVoice. We’ve incorporated things that you, our users, wanted to be able to do, or even just wanted to be able to do more quickly and easily.

Here’s what’s new on the menu for your fall auction events:

Serving Up Changes that Matter for Your Fall Events and Beyond

As always, we are committed to serving up changes to our product that matter to our clients and will really make a difference in their experience using ReadySetAuction. With each release, our team reviews the UserVoice suggestions submitted by our clients, and we turn those wish list items into reality based on feedback from the people whose opinions mean the most – YOU!

For example, we found that the account creation requirement was a recipe for frustration when it came to potential guests, bidders and donors. Ticket information, sponsorships, and the auction catalog were hidden from view until a potential patron had created an account, so potential guests weren’t able to check out what our clients’ events had to offer.

Our clients told us that having to create an account in order to even see the ticket prices and event details was unappetizing to some potential patrons, so we dished out a fix for this – just in time for your fall events – that enables visitors to the event website to view all the information relating to an event. Now, patrons only need to create an account when they have decided to make a purchase.

ReadySetAuction is Your New Host… for Images

Say goodbye to image hosting sites like Flickr and Photobucket; you can now upload images directly to ReadySetAuction. It has never been easier to capture a donor or sponsor logo to include in your printed event materials. Just download the images from an email or website onto your computer, then upload them into ReadySetAuction.

The ability to drag and drop images from your computer right into ReadySetAuction is a major improvement. This new feature helps you create a smorgasbord of enticing packages that are sure to have bidders salivating before your event even begins. Your eye-catching event showcase will have bidders hungry for more, and setting it up is a breeze!

No Reservations – Security Updates Provide Peace of Mind

Security updates to TLS 2.0 are the new secret ingredient to keeping your event data safe and secure. In early 2018, we upgraded the security measures in ReadySetAuction to ensure what comes into your system is up to our high standards.

What is TLS2.0? Think of TLS, which stands for Transport Layer Security, as the maitre d’ at an exclusive restaurant. TLS confirms that the data entering your ReadySetAuction system is allowed in and makes sure it is dressed appropriately – that is, in the correct format and has the right security protection. If data doesn’t meet the security standards of TLS 2.0, it won’t be allowed through the door. Your fall events have never been more secure!

Want to read more about the other improvements and updates in ReadySetAuction? Take a look at the 2018.04 Release Notes.

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