What Makes ReadySetAuction Stand Above The Competition?

Posted by Amanda Foran on March 26, 2015

We’re often asked what sets ReadySetAuction apart from the competition. Here are ten of the many things that make us different.

Privacy Matters

Your supporters are private to your organization. They belong exclusively to you. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not sell your donor and bidder lists to support our business, nor do we send your bidders to other auction sites. In fact, we never even contact your supporters outside of their online bidding experience, except with their explicit permission. In an age where controversies abound about big brands like Facebook and Google profiting from the sale of personal information, we still take privacy very seriously. Review our privacy policy for more information.

Safe and Secure

In line with our strict privacy policy, we store your data on secure servers, behind a series of firewalls and strict login credentials. Only those committee members whom you invite can access your data to help prepare for and conduct your auction. And when the auction is over, you can disable their access altogether. Review our security policy to learn more.


We’ve invested the time, resources and money to provide a solid and dependable auction management system in the cloud. Our server and network infrastructure is well designed, executed and managed. It includes multiple redundancies, automatic fail-overs and continuous backups to ensure our systems are always up and running for you.


We’ve been in business since 2003. ReadySetAuction was, in fact, the first auction management system built from the ground up for the cloud. This is not hyperbole. We even beat the biggies — like Apple, Microsoft and Adobe — to market with a cloud-based software solution. Not to get all hipster on you, but we were building cloud software platforms before they even started calling it “the cloud” — way before it was cool.

Continuous Enhancement

Technology never stops changing and advancing, and we haven’t let ourselves get comfortable just because we were ahead of the curve a decade ago. In the last few years, we’ve retired our Classic platform and built the most cutting edge auction management solution available from the ground up. When you sign up with ReadySetAuction, you benefit not only from our experience but also from a dedication to ongoing improvement. Our customers come back year after year to find new features that make it easier to meet their fundraising goals.

Full Suite of Features in One Integrated Solution

ReadySetAuction is a single fully integrated solution for online, mobile and traditional auctions. There’s no need to import/export or sync data. What does this mean? So, for example, enter a donation once, bundle it into a package and ReadySetAuction takes care of the rest — generating the donor’s receipt, bid sheet, display sheet, gift certificate (if needed) and adding it to your printed and/or online catalog. You decide whether that package is available for online/mobile bidding only, for pre-bidding online, or for your traditional silent/live auction. All that a bidder wins — both online and off — consolidates to a single invoice. And when the bidder pays, the system automatically emails a receipt. From procurement through wrap-up, for your live, silent, online and/or mobile auction, ReadySetAuction covers it all. Download a printable features list to share at your next auction meeting.

No Long-Term Contracts

We prefer to win customer loyalty based on our product and customer service and therefore do not lock organizations into long-term contracts.

No advertisements

The purpose of your online auction site is for you to market your event. It’s not a place for us to post third party advertisements that may drive your supporters away.

Flat fee. No hidden costs!

We do not charge a percentage of sales or any similar “performance fee” like some of our competitors. And we are very transparent about our pricing — always have been, and always will be. Visit our pricing page to see how clear and straightforward it is.

Educate with Integrity

Our sales team’s approach is to educate you about all the great features and benefits of ReadySetAuction, so you can make an informed decision about which auction software solution best meets your needs. With this in mind, it is our policy not to provide information about or directly compare ourselves with other products. (It is always frustrating when we hear that our competitors have provided outdated — or simply inaccurate — information about ReadySetAuction.) Besides, our time is better spent focused on making ReadySetAuction the best it can be and offering the best support we can so that our customers raise the most money possible from their events.

Interested in learning more?

Look over ReadySetAuction’s features, or download a printable flyer (PDF) with features and pricing to share at your next auction meeting. And of course, our sales team is always happy to talk with you about your event and set you up with a 15-day free trial. Give us a call at 888 • 824 • 0490 or fill out this form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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