By Popular Demand: Report Auction Revenue with Accuracy Using ReadySetAuction

Posted by Amanda Foran on October 4, 2017
Auction Report Accuracy

ReadySetAuction is pleased to announce its auction reporting tools are more accurate than ever! The ability to make adjustments and remove erroneous transactions in your Control Center allows you to report with improved accuracy. Run your post-event reports with confidence with Release 3.6 of ReadySetAuction. This key feature was one of your top suggestions, so keep those ideas coming!

Remove Credit Card Transactions in the Auction Control Center

You now have the ability to remove credit card transactions, enter post-event adjustments and record credits within your ReadySetAuction Control Center.  This makes for more precise revenue reporting in your system.

At nearly every event, issues will arise during registration or check-out. Imagine a guest pays for the entire amount of a live auction item the night of your event. The next day, you learn that this guest would like to split the gift with another patron. Now, you can record a credit and enter a separate charge in your Control Center to ensure your auction revenue is reported correctly.

Reconciling auction reports with payment processing and accounting software is a critical step in wrapping up your event. With the ability to remove or adjust transactions in your auction software, you’ll be able to match your ReadySetAuction reports with your Payment Gateway reports more easily.  You’ll also create a record in your auction database for refunds and voids, so accurate reporting and reconciliation has never been easier. No more time-consuming manual searches for refunded transactions – your payment processing gateway and ReadySetAuction records will match precisely.

Boost Your Fundraising Revenue By Accepting Electronic Payments at Your Auction

An auction is one of the biggest revenue-producing events of the year for many nonprofit organizations. One way to increase your revenue is by accepting electronic payments.

According to a 2016 US Consumer Payment Study by TSYS Payment Solutions, consumers will often spend up to 16% more when using a payment card. Imagine increasing your revenue by this margin by simply providing a more convenient way for your guests and donors to give!

Release Notes

Read about all the latest changes in version 3.6 of ReadySetAuction in the Release Notes.

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