ReadySetAuction Live Launches!

Posted by Amanda Foran on August 8, 2012

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce the launch of our new mobile bidding service — ReadySetAuction Live™!

ReadySetAuction Live is now available for purchase. You’ll be up and running immediately and can begin preparing for your fall auction. Your auction may take place anytime after September 30, 2012.

Below is the press release that we just released.

ReadySetAuction Live Helps Fundraiser Auctions Ride the Mobile Technology Wave

Pace, Productivity and Profits of Silent Auctions Accelerated by New Approach to Bidding

SEATTLE, Washington. August 8, 2012

Arsetta, Inc. — since 2003 a leading provider of web-based auction management software for charity auctions — today announces the launch of ReadySetAuction Live™. This next-generation bidding platform leverages increasingly ubiquitous personal mobile devices to bring the power, flexibility, and convenience of personalized online bidding to fundraiser auction events.

With the introduction of ReadySetAuction Live, auction guests use their own smartphones and tablets to browse the auction catalog, place bids, buy fixed-price items, and donate to Fund-A-Need special appeals. Among a multitude of engaging features, colorful icons tell the bidder how he’s doing at a glance, and the Favorite Items list is just a tap away. When outbid, the bidder is immediately notified by email. Plus, an eye-catching Outbid Button at the top of every screen automatically updates to let the bidder know how many items he’s recently been outbid on, taking him to a list of those items with a tap. Gone are the days of elbowing in to sign a paper bid sheet and losing out on an item that closes when you’re on the other side of the room.

ReadySetAuction Live is an easy-to-set-up, do-it-yourself solution — there’s no need to bring in an army of consultants to run the event. The complete auction experience is delivered to guests’ mobile devices over standard wireless technologies, so the venue simply needs Wi-Fi and/or reliable 3G or 4G cellular coverage. And because ReadySetAuction Live runs in the cloud, supporters not in attendance can bid remotely to help the charitable organization reach and surpass its fundraising goal.

“Live delivers a next-generation event bidding experience by capitalizing on the explosive growth of wireless broadband and the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets, especially among the demographic that attends fundraiser auctions,” explains Sam Weiss, CEO and Co-founder of Arsetta. “And while these tech and consumer trends continue to mature, our clients can set up as many Shared Bidding Stations around the venue as they need to accommodate locations without ideal wireless connectivity and guests without their own mobile devices.” A Shared Bidding Station can be any computing device with Internet access, including desktop computers (Macs or PCs), laptops, and tablets like the iPad® or Kindle Fire®.

ReadySetAuction Live is affordably priced so that nonprofit organizations of all sizes can realize the increased fundraising proceeds that mobile auction bidding can bring. It is available for immediate purchase.

“Fundraiser auctions aren’t just about raising money. They’re also about building community, which should be a top priority for the long-term health of any nonprofit organization,” states Lisa Weiss, Arsetta’s VP Sales & Marketing and Co-founder. “Because ReadySetAuction Live shifts the event dynamic away from people hovering over paper bid sheets, guests are free to mingle and spend more time reconnecting with old friends or meeting new ones. Meanwhile, the auction committee can spend more time interacting with guests and forming relationships. Plus, mobile bidding is simply a ton of fun!”

Take the tour of ReadySetAuction Live.

About Arsetta, Inc.

Based outside of Seattle, Arsetta, Inc. — a trusted leading provider of web-based auction management services since 2003 — develops enterprise-class software to serve non-profit organizations of all sizes throughout the United States, helping its clients raise over $150 million. Arsetta’s clients include public and private K-12 schools, universities, faith-based groups, arts and sports organizations, health foundations, and Fortune 500 companies raising money for their United Way campaigns and similar fundraising projects.

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