Electronic Bidding for All: ReadySetAuction Live™ Sneak Peek #3

Posted by Amanda Foran on July 25, 2012

In the first two installments of our “sneak peek” series on our upcoming product ReadySetAuction Live, we’ve focused on the amazing new wireless/mobile bidding experience bidders will enjoy during your live/silent auction events. Exciting stuff to be sure. The world is clearly going mobile, so it is likely that many of your guests will have a web-enabled mobile device to use for bidding at your event. But what about those guests who haven’t yet made the leap into mobile technology? You wouldn’t want them to miss out on all the fun. And with ReadySetAuction Live, they won’t have to!

Introducing ReadySetAuction Live Bidding Stations

Live's bidding station mode as seen on an iPad. Click to enlarge.

You want each and every guest to be able to participate in your auction – whether they have their own web-enabled mobile device or not – and we’ve got you covered. Included with your ReadySetAuction Live purchase is the ability to deploy an unlimited number of bidding stations around your venue. Guests can walk up to any available bidding station to browse the auction catalog and place bids.

So, what is a bidding station exactly? Practically any computing device with Internet access can be used as a bidding station, including desktop computers (Macs or PCs), laptops, and tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire. You can use whatever you have on hand, even if that means mixing and matching different types of devices.

We’ve made it simple to turn your devices into fully functional live bidding stations. Simply open a web browser on the device you would like to use, visit your event’s customized bidding station setup URL, enter your event access code, and click a button. Easy! You can find the setup URL by visiting the Bidding Stations tab on the Admin > Auction Settings page of the ReadySetAuction Live toolset.

Paperless Wired Auctions

Wireless mobile bidding is at the heart of ReadySetAuction Live and is certainly its most compelling feature. But wireless bidding presumes the availability of good wireless coverage at your event venue. While the world is certainly going mobile, it hasn’t completely arrived yet. So what if your venue doesn’t have wireless coverage, and setting up your own Wi-Fi network isn’t an option?

With wired bidding stations, you can still create a completely paperless auction event with electronic bidding. And note that this is no mere after-thought – we carefully designed bidding stations to support this capability based on customer feedback. If you want to conduct electronic bidding from computers staged around your venue, ReadySetAuction Live makes it possible.

Learn More in the ReadySetAuction Live Tour

Since our last sneak peak, we’ve expanded our website to include much more information about mobile bidding with Live, including a picture-packed tour that covers bidding stations and the administrative toolset you’ll use to manage your auction. Take the tour to get an even better idea of what’s coming.

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