Track Donors & Donations

With ReadySetAuction, you can keep track of every type of donation you receive, including:

  • items and services that you plan to auction off
  • in-kind gifts
  • consignment items
  • sponsorships
  • and monetary donations

Combine Donations Into Baskets

Our easy-to-use packaging tool makes combining donations into baskets quick and easy. And because ReadySetAuction accurately tracks the remaining quantity of every multiple-quantity donation, you and your team will never be confused about how many of each donation is left to package.

Preview Your Mobile Bidding Site As You Build It

Wondering how your eCatalog will appear to bidders on their phones? Just take a look at your Control Center’s “Preview” tab at any time while preparing for your auction.

Email & Print Donor Receipts

Go green, save time and save money on postage by emailing consolidated receipts to your donors. Or if you prefer the more traditional snail mail approach, you can also print them.

Risk-Free Auction Items

Looking for a few stand-out items to auction off at your event? Take a look at our JumpStart Directory of Consignment Vacation and Adventure Packages. With JumpStart packages, your organization pays for the package only after the auction is completed and after you’ve collected the money from the winning bidder. If the package doesn’t sell, you don’t pay — it’s as safe and simple as that.

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