The Do-It-Yourself Mobile Bidding Solution

With ReadySetAuction, you and your auction team have the tools you need right at your fingertips to run a successful mobile bidding event – all by yourselves!

There’s no need to bring in a small army of consultants. Your venue simply needs a robust Wi-Fi network and/or strong 3G/4G/LTE cellular signals.

And bidders use their own smartphones and tablets to browse your auction catalog, place bids, make purchases, donate money, and check themselves out. So there’s no expensive equipment for you to rent or buy.

It’s Easy, Fun & Engaging

Since the ReadySetAuction mobile bidding platform is delivered to bidders via their smartphones’ built-in mobile browsers, there’s no app to download. And, it works seamlessly with a wide variety of modern mobile devices — including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phones and tablets, Windows phones, and more – to ensure every guest has a smooth and enjoyable mobile bidding experience.

Large photos, big touch-friendly buttons, a powerful search feature, easy to locate categories, and clear messages make bidding easy and intuitive. Plus “Closing Soonest,” “Fewest Bids” and “Most Popular” filters help draw the bidder’s attention to what’s hot and where deals might still be had.

Shared Bidding Stations & Proxy eBidding

All your guests can join in the fun, including those without smartphones, those less technically inclined, and even those who forgot their reading glasses ;-).

Around your venue, simply set up Shared Bidding Stations — desktop computers, laptops, or even iPads — from which any registered eBidder can place bids. You can also offer a concierge-style bidding experience with volunteer bidding valets who walk around with tablets and place bids on behalf of any registered eBidder.

Bid From Anywhere

In fact, supporters need not even be at your event — They can bid from anywhere! So if a guest’s babysitter gets sick or a big donor is pulled out of town on an unexpected business trip, they can still participate in the auction and contribute towards your cause.

Bidders Choose How to Bid

When placing bids, your guests can choose from three bidding strategies:

  • Standard Bidding — Click quick fill to bid the next increment, or enter any amount above the Minimum Bid into the Your Bid field. The amount the bidder enters immediately becomes his current bid.
  • Otto-Assisted Bidding (a.k.a. max bidding) — Otto™ the Bidding Robot will automatically place incremental bids on this bidder’s behalf, up to the limit she has specified in the Your Bid field.
  • Win It Now — The bidder wins the item immediately by purchasing it at a pre-defined price.

Immediate Feedback & Outbid Notices

Bidders are notified in a variety of ways that they’ve been outbid:

An eye-catching Outbid Badge at the top of every screen automatically updates to let the bidder know when she’s been newly outbid on an item. The Outbid Badge doubles as a button – tapping it takes the bidder straight to a list of all items on which she has bid but is no longer leading.

Bold, colorful icons also appear in the catalog alongside all the items the bidder has bid on, letting her know at a glance how she’s doing:

  • Yellow warning sign: You’ve been outbid!
  • Green running man: You’re in the lead!
  • Purple smiley face: You’ve won!

Plus, the bidder immediately receives an email that she’s been outbid. And if your organization purchases the Text Message Notification Add-On, she also receives a text message. The bidder simply taps/clicks the link in the email or text and is taken directly to that item in the online catalog so she can place her next bid.

And as an added bonus, the Showcase (leaderboard) is always up-to-date with each item’s leader, high bid amount and time remaining.

Fixed-Price Sales Including Buy-In-Parties

Bidders can also purchase fixed-price items — like hosted buy-in-parties, logo merchandise, drink tickets and more — right from the eCatalog.

ReadySetAuction tracks the remaining quantity available and displays it to your bidders, helping to create a sense of urgency and drive sales.

eBidder Self-Checkout

Everything a bidder has won or purchased — including items from the mobile auction as well as live auction items and fund-a-need pledges recorded by the auction staff — appears on a consolidated invoice that the bidder can access by tapping the “$” button.

The bidder can pay right from his own phone by credit card or PayPal. Or, if he prefers to pay in-person by check or cash, the auction team can check him out using the Control Center software.

In both instances, ReadySetAuction automatically emails bidders their receipts, saving you time, paper, and postage.

Build Excitement with Pre-bidding. Extend the Fun with Post-bidding

Each auction item can open and close on its own schedule within your eCatalog Access Period. An eCatalog Access Period of seven days –– starting the week before your event date and ending in the early morning the day following your event –– is included with the purchase of any ReadySetAuction plan with mobile/online bidding. You can further lengthen your auction’s eCatalog Access Period as long as you’d like by purchasing extensions in two-week increments.

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